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Novel Capital

Novel Capital is an entrepreneur-centered revenue-based financing (RBF) venture firm for growing B2B software companies. Based in Kansas City and founded in 2018, we specialize in providing non-dilutive alternative investments and operational sales expertise to B2B software entrepreneurs nationwide. Get fair and flexible growth capital when you need it. Our process is simpler than debt, cheaper than equity, and less expensive than short-term online lenders. We have already funded 50+ SaaS companies across a wide variety of verticals including education, healthcare, and marketing. Novel was started by former SaaS founders who personally understand the numerous challenges entrepreneurs face when raising capital. There is simply not enough time for busy entrepreneurs to fundraise or find a trusted capital partner every six months. Our approach is different. We provide companies up to $5M in growth capital and leverage the operational expertise of our team to provide tactical sales, marketing, and talent support through our proprietary Revenue Acceleration Platform. Novel invests in entrepreneurs focused on growing revenue and building a near-term profitable company. Unlike other growth capital companies, we do not take equity or require personal guarantees. Our clients enjoy: • Capital on demand • Efficient, transparent process • Quick funding in 30 days or less • Tactical help with sales, marketing, and talent • No additional equity dilution to owners or investors Novel can provide the capital and support you need to grow your company your way. We are invested in your success, and we will leverage our own resources and expertise to help you get there.