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Why do you need Monneo? Monneo consolidates the management of all your online IBAN accounts and provides access to a trusted network of leading European and International banks. Monneo’s banking partners have been hand picked to ensure they’re able to facilitate your incoming and outgoing international payments – so you’re always able to retrieve and move your funds, as your business demands. One interface. Multiple IBANS. Monneo’s single interface provides unlimited access to a network of leading European and International banks. Obtain multiple IBANs in your company’s name, with ease, all under a single agreement. Every IBAN provided through Monneo’s platform is linked to a safeguarded bank account, to ensure your funds are secure at all times, while also supporting in mitigating risk. Monneo provides access to: – SWIFT multi-currency for international payments – SEPA Euro within the Euro zone – GBP Faster Payments and CHAPS in the UK – FX in 134 currencies

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