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We build insurance products that are cheaper, faster and fairer for everyone 🙌 4 ½ years ago, we set off on our mission to build a new type of insurance company. Today, we help hundreds of thousands of customers save money by using tech to their advantage, not ours. And we make sure they’re supported 24/7. But there’s still a lot of work to do. 99% of our biggest problems are ahead of us. Over the coming years, we plan to launch more products in more countries, growing into one of the most impactful financial services companies 💥 Big ambitions need strong company values. So, we encourage and empower everyone at Marshmallow to: Move fast | Be selfless | Take ownership | Be open and honest | Be pioneering Want to join us? Check out our live roles on Linkedin by clicking the jobs tab (see above ☝️) and on our careers page: https://www.marshmallow.com/jobs And while you’re exploring, read our great reviews on Glassdoor: https://bit.ly/3iVHfxf