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AlpacaJapan Co.,Ltd.

About AlpacaJapan AlpacaJapan is the leading AI and Fintech company in Asia, utilising cutting edge Machine Learning and Deep Neural Network to provide investment solutions for Bankers, Asset Managers, Traders and Market Makers worldwide. We provide a range of products and services to businesses all around the world, including short-term and long-term prediction applications, trade execution software. Our groundbreaking technology has already attracted the attention of major banking and financial institutions within Japan and around the world. About Mission & Value Our Mission is “Creating a New Collaboration Platform with Human & AI for the Global Capital Market”. As of now, we have formed numerous partnerships with financial institutions based in Japan and other countries, and together we challenge ourselves to create synergies between the evolving realms of Fintech + AI + Capital Market Trading. By doing so, we create new Alpha solutions. We want to share our vision of a future where AI and Human intelligences are maximised. We challenge the world to dare to pioneer with us. Do you have what it takes to join our rapidly expanding team of innovators? Team Diversity We are a collaborative team of data scientists, architects, designers, financiers and project managers of wide diverse backgrounds. Only by aggregating all talents are we able to create and add value to our valuable partners. Community Engagement We cherish connections from our supportive external partners, our valuable investors, all the players from the start-up industry, and most importantly, the AlpacaDB family. Work-life Balance We believe and honour the fact that beyond an employee’s working life, parenting, family, friends are all very important aspects of a person’s life. We allocate and encourage remote working times to allow for a fulfilling work-life balance.

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