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Monday, November 28, 2022

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Exclusive: ‘Going In For The Thrill’ – Lisa "Balls of Steel" Violet, Varo Bank in “Buckaroos 2022”

Varo Bank will go down in history as America’s first ever nationally-chartered bank. Somehow, despite […]

Exclusive: ‘Hell or High Water’ – Sam "The Engineer" Maule, Google in “Buckaroos 2022”

Legend Alert! Sam Maule has had a double career. Starting off as a technician for […]

Exclusive: ‘A Fistful of Justice’ – Angel "Spread The Wealth" Rich in “Buckaroos 2022”

Angel Rich has the best name in the business. And she might just have the […]

Exclusive: ‘Once Upon a Time in The Netherlands’ – Conny "Dutch Daredevil" Dorrestijn, BankiFi in “Buckaroos 2022”

We can’t write about all Conny Dorrestijn’s experience and achievements because we’d run out of […]

Exclusive: ‘Nobody Gets Left Behind!’ – Nicky "The Motivator" Goulimis, Nova Credit in “Buckaroos 2022”

We love Nova Credit. It’s a platform on a mission to help immigrants access the […]

Exclusive: ‘Keep Movin', Movin', Movin'...’ – Ghela "The Boss" Boskovich, Financial Data and Technology Association in “Buckaroos 2022”

Step aside! Step aside! Twitter royalty storming through! Our next bombastic badass buckaroo is none […]

Exclusive: ‘Insurance Unchained’ – Bobbie “Problem Solver” Shrivastav, Benekiva in “Buckaroos 2022”

Yay for Bobbie “Problem Solver” Shrivastav!! She’s your classic hardworking, innovation-driving buckaroo who’s not afraid […]

Exclusive: ‘Opportunity Bites! Fired Up About Family Finance’ – Pauline "Family First" Roteta, Pasito in “Buckaroos 2022”

Our next gunslinging, show-stopping buckeroo is surely the opportunist of the century.   Alongside co-founder […]

Exclusive: ‘For a Few Founders More’ – Roshwnna "The Enlightened" Novellus, EnrichHER in “Buckaroos 2022”

Of the 500 leading publicly-traded companies in the US (the S&P 500), just four CEOs […]

Exclusive: ‘The Good...The Badass...& The Huskies’ – Barb "Bloody Legend" MacLean, Celero Solutions in “Buckaroos 2022”

This badass buckaroo is screenplay material. Starting out as an analyst at Celero Solutions in […]

Exclusive: ‘Oklahoma!’ – Jill "Community-first" Castilla, Citizens Bank of Edmond in “Buckaroos 2022”

Jill Castilla has been in more power lists than it’s – somewhat ironically – possible […]

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